Jenny & Michael's Bellingham Castle Vintage Wedding..actual vintage!

When I met Jenny first I asked her to show me a picture of the dress, sometimes I get ideas for poses based on the shape of the dress but mainly I’m just nosey. Pretty sure that was the first time I swore at a meeting “F****ing hell’ hahaha. Probably not though, I’m easily excitable and it comes out in profanities. You’ll see why below!

That style coupled with a fantastic Bellingham castle was really a perfect match. The team there are so nice it really feels like home when I get that warm welcome back.

I can already tell that Jenny has a unique style and I LOVED IT!! This kind of classic look is right up my street. I spent a lot of time checking out 1920’s and 30’s vogue and old wedding photographs. Poses that are still and will be always be beautiful. Yes I got a little carried away with Jenny but 5mins in the morning, 30 mins with the couple and another ten mins before bell call is absolutely ideal to get the most out of your photography. And they still had plenty of time to mingle with guests…best freakin’ day ever!!

Oh and fun story in the photographs, That man rushing past the bride and bridesmaids at the church door is the priest!

Jenny and Mick, congratulations, thank you and rock ON!!!



Jane & Dario's Dublin City and Palmerstown House Wedding

Jane and Dario’s wedding, I don’t know what to say, genuinely I just loved it. Jane’s style, the beautiful families, a boat load of Italians, Trinity Chapel, Dublin City and Palmerstown House, what more can a photographer need.

An 11am ceremony is brilliant because it gave the couple time to enjoy a little alone time. We got so many photographs without being rushed or away from the guests for too long. They enjoyed actually sitting down in a snug for a drink while I creeped on them and took some photographs, well they paid me like.

Not all weddings are the same and one of the things I love is trying to understand my clients personalities and style on their day and delivering a product that I know they will love unique to them. This day was classic romance, beauty and elegance. These are the type of images that will stand the test of time. And yes, I am aware that these are predominantly black and white.

Jane and Dario, thank you for allowing me to share in your day and create these memories for you and your little biscuit (in jokes). Here are my favourite images form your day.



Kim & Dave's Irish Castle Wedding

Kim & Dave were married in the fabulous Kilkea Castle this past August. The wedding had everything I love, sound couple totally in love, amazing glamour, a first look, good weather, something new that I hadn’t seen before and an Irish Castle full of people having the craic at this American/Irish wedding! I dare not show the full craic of the dance floor for fear of being sued but suffice to say everyone had an absolute ball.

Kim and Dave rocked their shoot and despite the four seasons we had in a day during the ceremony with sunshine, clouds, wind and more sunshine, (that was fun to edit with a sony and a canon) they absolutely championed through and had a beautiful ceremony. Thank you Ireland for behaving yourself with the wedding for our American friends! Dave races yachts, there actually is a cooler job than being a wedding photographer, so the couple literally tied the knot at the ceremony with some rope which I’d never seen before. I’d like to see more of this and more Daddy and daughter dances please.

Thanks soooo much to Kim and Dave for being awesome, sharing your wedding story and to all your friends and family for making my job fun and easy, I had a blast!



Trudder Lodge Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

I know it's going to be a good day when I'm told that the groom is starting his morning with his boys at the 40 foot. YYYESSSSS!!! 

The regulars at the 40 foot didn't know what hit them when the lads descended, excited, happy and apprehensive about the water temperature. "Be grand give me a good dive' I'd say ha. I positioned myself in a very dangerous spot and clicked like f....! 

The off to the beeeeeautiful Trudder Lodge. There is a very unique feeling in a place like Trudder, history, warmth, homely and beautiful. I was greeted by top class Hair and Make up suppliers who were on the ball and so I had loads of time for Louise's fab portraits. Thanks again to Declan Chapple Hair and Clare Hogan make-up. 

Off then to an outdoor ceremony in sunny sunny Ireland, They read their own vows, we all cried and then I stole confetti from the children to throw ha. 

We got the family pics done asap and so Richard and Louise were free to enjoy the grounds, drinks and nibbles with their guests. Just before the bell call I took them away for a we walk. 

Thank you Louise and Richard, it was a pleasure photographing your day for you.


Tyler and Caro

The cuteness STOP IT!! 

Tyler and Caroline I loved photographing your Irish wedding and I'm always so proud of our lovely little country when people choose to get married here.  The whole wedding flew from Canada to Clonabreany and it was worth it! The team at Clonabreany are second to none so thank you to everyone there for another beautiful wedding day. Thanks to the super Powder room girls too for getting Caro and the girls ready in plenty of time to enjoy some great photos ops and the champers! 

I know this looks super portrait intensive but I swear we did a first look and portraits in about 20 mins and another enjoyed an evening stroll with a dress change after dinner. It's always really nice to get out into fresh air and enjoy these summer evenings after a big meal. 

Check out the surprise outfit change! 

It was my pleasure creating these memories for you and boy were there many! 




Darkness Into Light Malahide 2018

Pieta House aims to create a world where suicide, self-harm and stigma have been replaced by hope, self-care and acceptance. Darkness into Light is vital for our fundraising, for raising awareness and for bringing people together as we do everything we can to bring about a suicide-free world. 

Myself and some mates with their kids walked Darkness Into Light this morning. I took a little nifty 50mm lens and took extremely basic slightly out of focus and pretty pixellated pictures of my experience. 

Thanks so much to everyone who supported us, we raised over €6,000!  Whopper! 


That time I went and photographed the world's biggest Sea RO-RO Vessel

The MV Celine, what an experience, an awesome and massive visual treat for me. Ohh the lines! The magnificent beast arrives Sunday mornings first thing, I set two alarm clocks and took one camera and one lens. (16-35mm for camera people).

As a kid every time we passed the East Link I was fascinated by the cranes, the size of the docks and all the vessels (you do not call them boats). Even as an adult passing the East Link I still look over to the left to see it all working whilst almost crashing getting into the one lane. I knew I had to photography the docks, I'd always known it. So it turns out that my Mam's cousin's wife's cousin works for DSG. I had an in. Thanks so much Alan and Fiona, I had been talking about doing this for years and Alan was super accommodating, it was all arranged over a pint. I was so excited, on the day I was like a kid in a very very large, metally, containery, liney candy shop. 

Thanks so much to DSG and to the Celine Chief for bringing me onboard to photograph it. I had a blast and was highly impressed with the skills of every crew member and DSG drivers. 

I photographed all around DSG load on load off areas too and had the best few days! I hope you enjoy the images. 

Dublin Port Press release:

MV Celine, the world’s largest short sea Ro-Ro ship, was christened in a ceremony at Dublin Port with guest of honour, An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar TD, Godmother to the new ship, Geraldine O’Reilly, and the port’s chaplains. The formal ceremony is a long-held tradition intended to bring good fortune to the ship and involves breaking a champagne bottle against the hull as the ship is christened. Full press release here:






48 hours in Paris

Following a very inspirational photography conference called Islanders, I booked a last minute trip to Paris. The importance of personal projects came up once or twice and after shooting in South America, I knew I wanted to do more travel/street photography. 

It's good for my soul and I swear it makes me a better photographer, sorry an even better photographer that I already am. It's more practice, more self training, more challenges. Everyone loves images of guests caught off guard at weddings and it's really hard to do, me not being invisible like and favouring my wide lens for these shots, so I have to practice being quick and sneaky. What better way to do that than with actual strangers and run the risk being punched in the face! Although in fairness, I went to an easy spot where people wouldn't really notice me.. the Eiffel tower. 

I always keep an eye on Magnum photographers current exhibition too and I found that Susan Meisales has a massive exhibition on in Jeu De Paume so that was very exciting. I spent a long time engulfed in her New York street photography, war and destruction documentary from Kurdistan and Nicaragua. For some insight into the exhibition check this out:

I did photograph typical Paris too because I was alone and I had a lot of beers! I did have a black and white strip T-shirt I almost packed but I thought it was too cheesy. Turns out loads of people in Paris actually wear black and white stripy T-shirts and jumper....ragin'! 

Enjoy my little adventure.



Something a little different..

My friend Paul embodies the 'get up and go' attitude so much that it's infectious. Over the years he's convinced me to meet him in Italy, Germany and this year the biggie... South America.  I was so fearful and full of excuses at the idea of being away from running my business for a month that I only booked it about six weeks before I went. Luckily I have a good friend who was there to remind me that we have nothing else to live for along with various other means of blackmail and guilt trips, I booked it. 

An opportunity like this must be taken. We have to say yes, no excuses.  We will always be busy but we have to stop sometimes and go feed our souls with adventures. If it excited you and scares it! 

In Bolivia I was a landscape photographer for the first time ever, in Peru a street photographer and in Galapagos a wildlife photographer. The National Geographic notions of myself were off the charts! I can't remember the last time I saw f16 on my camera too. It was fun, scary and challenging but this makes me a better photographer. 

Sorry about the manky giant logo...I can't do it again I'm too tired!

Thanks to new all my adventure friends Jasmine, Erik, Toby and Paul for allowing me to share.

Here are some images from visit to Bolivia, Peru and a dream come true...the Galapagos.