Why am I a wedding photographer?

Everyone will tell you that your wedding day goes by so fast but you won't really understand it until you're experiencing it, it really does go by in the blink of an eye. Luckily for you, I'm here to capture each and every moment of your day so you can relive the experience and the feelings every time you look at your wedding photographs. When your father sees you in your wedding dress I'm there, when you see your partner at the top of the aisle I'm there, when grandad falls asleep in the church, I'm there.  Trust me, I've got it all covered, even the things you didn't see. These are your memories of your day and you're so lucky to be surrounded by friends and family to celebrate your marriage with you. I'm going to honour these relationships for you by photographing all the love, laughter and happy tears.  I’m always shooting everything I see on your day, I don’t stop. I’m there to document your day naturally as much as my little legs can carry me, get contemporary portraits of you both and have fun!



I got my first camera when I was nine, end of story, but if you want to know more hit me!

About YOU

I'd love to hear more about you guys, contact me and tell me all about your plans and what you would like for your wedding photography.  Any cool ideas I'm totally up for representing your unique personalities. I love finding clients that value the same things that I do on a wedding day, then you know we are the perfect match...

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