Something a little different..

My friend Paul embodies the 'get up and go' attitude so much that it's infectious. Over the years he's convinced me to meet him in Italy, Germany and this year the biggie... South America.  I was so fearful and full of excuses at the idea of being away from running my business for a month that I only booked it about six weeks before I went. Luckily I have a good friend who was there to remind me that we have nothing else to live for along with various other means of blackmail and guilt trips, I booked it. 

An opportunity like this must be taken. We have to say yes, no excuses.  We will always be busy but we have to stop sometimes and go feed our souls with adventures. If it excited you and scares it! 

Thanks to new all my adventure friends Jasmine, Erik, Toby and Paul for allowing me to share.

Here are some images from visit to Bolivia, Peru and a dream come true...the Galapagos. 

Clara and Jean-Baptiste's Tankardstown House wedding.

This is the first wedding where I've wanted to steal the bride, put her in my pocket and run away, well the bride or her shoes! Clara you are so beautiful inside and out it was an absolute pleasure to photograph you and your handsome hubby. 

The style, thoughtful details, elegance and glamour of this wedding was off the charts, it really was such a classy french/Irish affair and the French boys seemed to enjoy a pint at good old Mrs. O's too! 

To all friends and family of Clara and JB, thank you for being so kind to me, I really enjoyed capturing these memories for you all.






Andressa & Keith's Dublin City Wedding

Do I want to shoot a wedding on a Monday? Yes, I do.

Do I want to shoot it in Dublin City? Yes, I do.

Will I do just three hours work? Yes, I will.

Do I want to do a Wes Anderson inspired photoshoot? Are you freaking kidding me...YES!!!

When Andressa sent me an article about Wes Anderson locations I nearly lost my mind with the excitement. There are always elements of symmetry in most of my weddings but never the whole lot. This was so much fun to shoot as a photographer, symmetry really is everywhere once you look for it. For the sake of variety I did throw in a few rosemantic poses too. 

So where did we go? Firstly that blue background was all the couples idea, it's the hoarding around a building site just down from the registry office where they tied the knot. Then I asked them if they'd come on the Dart with me, I never thought they'd go for it but we hoped on at Grand Canal for a super short trip to Pearse Street station, ran around some steps, took pictures on stairs and overhead walkways and came back to Grand canal. I wish I could have stopped the Dart though as it was super hard to balance and shoot, we had to hold onto something. 

Where else, oh my, Windmill Lane of the coolest building facades in Dublin...super Wes Andersony but there were cars parked in front of it, bikes tied onto the railings etc. It was still worth a stop. Off to some green around Merrion square we thought we'd chance it and ask the security guards at the National Gallery of Ireland if we could jump in for 5 mins. Turns out, you can totally shoot in the gallery and there's no problem at all...DEADLY!!!! MORE SYMMETRY. 

Off to the park then for a little back light love romantic pics and then away to the super cool Cafe En Seine, which I hadn't been in for years....must visit it again, love the colours and it match their car perfectly. Big shout out to Paul from American Vintage cars for driving us all around the city....oh and Wes Anderson!


Michael & Ian's Black tie wedding at Marlfield House

Well talk about fancy! I had been excited about this wedding for ages, so much so that I even dressed extra fancy! When I met they boys I we just clicked, our lunch was full of laughs and I knew that they were going to have a great day and that we were the right fit. The boys did a first look an hour before the ceremony, this was suupppper freaking cute as most first looks always are. All I have to is do is take pictures of whats unfolding in front of me... love and happiness.

We did about a half an hour of pictures, blasting our way around the beautiful estate at Marlfield House. It's so good to have all these images done as once the ceremony was over we only had to do family pictures then I had loads of time to capture the guests...this is your wedding and it's great to have all the social shots taken. 

So here are just a few of my favourites, I've narrowed it down to 193! To all friends and family of Michael and Ian, thank you for being so nice to me, I had a blast at the wedding and thank you Michael and Ian for allowing em to create these memories for you, It was a pleasure and my honour...and lots's of lols! We should do it all again sometime! 









Noelle & Khalid's Dublin City Wedding



This gorgeous pair were married at the wonderful Cliff Townhouse in Dublin on 15th July 2017. The Cliff Townhouse were/are BRILLIANT. Amazing staff and food and a real popular spot for city weddings, even the decor upstairs was perfect for the ceremony, reception, party and photos. 

We had one of those perfect weather days and we ran around Stephen's Green getting their wedding photographs all while being adored by the crowds...claps and everything!  When the wind caught Noelle's dress it was just gorgeous and the smiles and smooches from these guys made for perfect photos. What a pretty day, a stunning bride, an absolute gentleman and the sun shining on their Dublin wedding day. 

To all family and friends of Noelle and Khalid, thank you so much for welcoming me. I had a great day with you all and I hope you're happy with these memories.

Kindest regards,


Lindsay & Gareth's Dunbrody House Wedding

To all friends and family of Lindsay & Gareth...especially Pam,

Thank you all for a brilliant day...and for keeping me protected from that heat haha. I hope nobody else got sunburnt. There was such a super vibe on this day and I think the photos reflect that. You all had a blast in such a pretty location...we could have been in France!! 

I hope you like this snippet of the photos, I love everything that has Blue in'll see ;) Password is the wedding date DDMMYYYY

Kindest regards,


Brid & Jimmy's Moyvalley Balya Wedding.

Hi guys,

What a beautiful day we had! I could have photographed this place all day..well I did but you know what I mean. 

Thanks to the team at Moyvalley for being so on the ball and great all day. And to all friends and family of Brid and Jimmy for making my job super easy! 

Here are a few of my favourite images from your day.

Thanks soooo much for allowing me to create these memories for you. YOU ROCKED IT!!



Laura & Patrick's Virginia Park Lodge Wedding

So you know the way people say when they meet someone nice 'they were the nicest people inside and out' well they're all liars because I actually met two of the worlds most beautiful people inside and out. And I got the photograph their wedding day!!

Laura & Paddy were married April 1st (no joke) at the sttuuuunnning Virginia Park Lodge. What a venue, what a team, everything was way too gorgeous I could have photographed there for hours. These guys are so on the ball and I can't wait to go back.

To all friends and family of Laura & Paddy, thank you for a wonderful day too. Here are some of my favourite images.