Amy & Alan's Rathsallagh House wedding

I hear it all the time “What do we do if it’s raining?” My answer is usually the same; “It never rains on me, that’s included in the price.” Followed by “Well it never rains all day and if it does let’s just go do it.”

Amy and Alan were even braver than I was, it was 100% pouring down but Amy was determined to have photos around the grounds regardless. They love Rathsallagh so much and I can see why, it’s genuinely one of my favourite venues. We were going to do it, out it the rain, stick to plan A, make the most of the time of the day, skip the receiving line, go off for a photo walk and come back to a reception in full swing to enjoy it with guests and that’s exactly what we did!!! And then it stopped raining!

Amy saying she didn’t care and let’s go do it now partially scared the bejesus out of me but mainly delighted me!!! What a feckin rock star and LOOK at the beautiful light, beautiful grounds in their photographs which they love, rain was not an issue. YOu can see in a few images that Alan’s jacket was pretty wet and Amy has rain drops caught in her hair which I happen to think looks soooo beautiful and romantic! Even poor Richard Speedie of Big Day films had to record under a brolly!

Anyway this post is not all about the rain but like, it’s a big point I wanted to make for ages. You will be grand if you get a bit wet, the bottom of the dress will get a bit dirty but you didn't buy a full length dress just to hold it off the ground all day and have no nice photos of it it all it’s glory. You will wear the dress once but your photographs are forever and Amy and Alan love theirs.

I had a blast with these two and absolutely loved the wedding and getting to know them! Whiskey shots after signing the register was a big highlight!! Richard Speedie of Big Day films put together a slideshow of a few highlights for everyone to see before dinner and it was amazing, everyone loves it, it was so emotional! Well done Richard!

Huge thanks to Amy & Alan, I’ll be stalking your insta to follow your adventures of married life and new beginnings!!

Thanks so much for letting me share your day!!



Kelly & Mark's Dublin City Hall & Medley Wedding

I’d firstly like to say that no bride and groom were injured by buses in the making of photographs for this wedding. The buses were stopped at lights and the arms are fro dramatic effect!

I walked into the room to meet the girls in the morning and after about a minute I said, “This is gonna be some serious craic!” I wasn’t wrong. These girls were absolutely brilliant and had so much love to give Kelly, exactly what every bride needs. Spice up your life ;)

They were married in Dublin City hall and then we had a little photowalk to Medley. There are lots of images of these speeches here because even I was loling!!! Serious glamour, serious craic seriously deadly wedding.

Much love for fellow suppliers Hair by Lou and make up by Kate Hennebry and the deadly staff at

Lots of luv to Kelly and Mark for allowing me to share their day with you all x


Aoife & Niall's Brooklodge wedding

Care for a burst of colour to liven up your January? Well look no further than Aoife and Niall’s seriously gorgeous colourful day!

Brooklodge was the most perfect venue for these two and the plans for their day, they were all about enjoying it with people and so of course we did a first look which meant plenty of time for mingling with guests in the sunshine…remember sunshine?? Did you know that you can clean your suit with some backwards cellotape? Life hack!

We even had the speeches outside which I was delighted about! More sunny photographs yeay!

Remember that time our Irish Hockey warriors qualified for the world cup too….see if you can spot when that moment happened!

Massive big ups to Emma from Edit house

Karen Massey in Fleurtatious did the bouquets & buttonholes

Nikki O'Neill in Pearl & Co did the floral arch, balloons, signage etc

Niav in Blu Rinse who did all the hair & Charlotte Conliffe make up artist.




Sharon & Paul's Tankardstown wedding

Sharon & Paul were married October 29th 2018 at the beautiful Tankardstown house. I swear that place practically shoots itself. Just joking, it’s all me and my talent refined after many many many years shooting haha!

You’ve never seen the likes of romance like this. These two are besotted with each other and it was proper beautiful to see, even though Paul did buy Sharon a Dyson for her wedding day, she still loves him. It’s ok it’s ok, it was the ‘joke gift’ but she loved it, I loled, the bridesmaids loled, we all loled!!!

They both got ready in Boyne House in Slane which was super handy. I ran up and down the stairs a few times to capture them both getting ready then we just went across the road to the church. Super easy. After the ceremony and a few hugs and kisses I did my usual “get in the van’ and whisked them off to Tankardstown to get some pictures taken before the guests arrived. This means that once they were back, everyone had arrived and their reception was in full swing which they could enjoy, yeay! Best way for it especially in the darker months.

I LOVED working with you Sharon & Paul and I’m so happy I can share it with you. Enjoy



Jenny & Michael's Bellingham Castle Vintage Wedding..actual vintage!

When I met Jenny first I asked her to show me a picture of the dress, sometimes I get ideas for poses based on the shape of the dress but mainly I’m just nosey. Pretty sure that was the first time I swore at a meeting “F****ing hell’ hahaha. Probably not though, I’m easily excitable and it comes out in profanities. You’ll see why below!

That style coupled with a fantastic Bellingham castle was really a perfect match. The team there are so nice it really feels like home when I get that warm welcome back.

I can already tell that Jenny has a unique style and I LOVED IT!! This kind of classic look is right up my street. I spent a lot of time checking out 1920’s and 30’s vogue and old wedding photographs. Poses that are still and will be always be beautiful. Yes I got a little carried away with Jenny but 5mins in the morning, 30 mins with the couple and another ten mins before bell call is absolutely ideal to get the most out of your photography. And they still had plenty of time to mingle with guests…best freakin’ day ever!!

Oh and fun story in the photographs, That man rushing past the bride and bridesmaids at the church door is the priest!

Jenny and Mick, congratulations, thank you and rock ON!!!



Jane & Dario's Dublin City and Palmerstown House Wedding

Jane and Dario’s wedding, I don’t know what to say, genuinely I just loved it. Jane’s style, the beautiful families, a boat load of Italians, Trinity Chapel, Dublin City and Palmerstown House, what more can a photographer need.

An 11am ceremony is brilliant because it gave the couple time to enjoy a little alone time. We got so many photographs without being rushed or away from the guests for too long. They enjoyed actually sitting down in a snug for a drink while I creeped on them and took some photographs, well they paid me like.

Not all weddings are the same and one of the things I love is trying to understand my clients personalities and style on their day and delivering a product that I know they will love unique to them. This day was classic romance, beauty and elegance. These are the type of images that will stand the test of time. And yes, I am aware that these are predominantly black and white.

Jane and Dario, thank you for allowing me to share in your day and create these memories for you and your little biscuit (in jokes). Here are my favourite images form your day.