Jenny & Michael's Bellingham Castle Vintage Wedding..actual vintage!

When I met Jenny first I asked her to show me a picture of the dress, sometimes I get ideas for poses based on the shape of the dress but mainly I’m just nosey. Pretty sure that was the first time I swore at a meeting “F****ing hell’ hahaha. Probably not though, I’m easily excitable and it comes out in profanities. You’ll see why below!

That style coupled with a fantastic Bellingham castle was really a perfect match. The team there are so nice it really feels like home when I get that warm welcome back.

I can already tell that Jenny has a unique style and I LOVED IT!! This kind of classic look is right up my street. I spent a lot of time checking out 1920’s and 30’s vogue and old wedding photographs. Poses that are still and will be always be beautiful. Yes I got a little carried away with Jenny but 5mins in the morning, 30 mins with the couple and another ten mins before bell call is absolutely ideal to get the most out of your photography. And they still had plenty of time to mingle with guests…best freakin’ day ever!!

Oh and fun story in the photographs, That man rushing past the bride and bridesmaids at the church door is the priest!

Jenny and Mick, congratulations, thank you and rock ON!!!