Something a little different..

My friend Paul embodies the 'get up and go' attitude so much that it's infectious. Over the years he's convinced me to meet him in Italy, Germany and this year the biggie... South America.  I was so fearful and full of excuses at the idea of being away from running my business for a month that I only booked it about six weeks before I went. Luckily I have a good friend who was there to remind me that we have nothing else to live for along with various other means of blackmail and guilt trips, I booked it. 

An opportunity like this must be taken. We have to say yes, no excuses.  We will always be busy but we have to stop sometimes and go feed our souls with adventures. If it excited you and scares it! 

Thanks to new all my adventure friends Jasmine, Erik, Toby and Paul for allowing me to share.

Here are some images from visit to Bolivia, Peru and a dream come true...the Galapagos.