Sharon & Paul's Tankardstown wedding

Sharon & Paul were married October 29th 2018 at the beautiful Tankardstown house. I swear that place practically shoots itself. Just joking, it’s all me and my talent refined after many many many years shooting haha!

You’ve never seen the likes of romance like this. These two are besotted with each other and it was proper beautiful to see, even though Paul did buy Sharon a Dyson for her wedding day, she still loves him. It’s ok it’s ok, it was the ‘joke gift’ but she loved it, I loled, the bridesmaids loled, we all loled!!!

They both got ready in Boyne House in Slane which was super handy. I ran up and down the stairs a few times to capture them both getting ready then we just went across the road to the church. Super easy. After the ceremony and a few hugs and kisses I did my usual “get in the van’ and whisked them off to Tankardstown to get some pictures taken before the guests arrived. This means that once they were back, everyone had arrived and their reception was in full swing which they could enjoy, yeay! Best way for it especially in the darker months.

I LOVED working with you Sharon & Paul and I’m so happy I can share it with you. Enjoy