48 hours in Paris

Following a very inspirational photography conference called Islanders, I booked a last minute trip to Paris. The importance of personal projects came up once or twice and after shooting in South America, I knew I wanted to do more travel/street photography. 

It's good for my soul and I swear it makes me a better photographer, sorry an even better photographer that I already am. It's more practice, more self training, more challenges. Everyone loves images of guests caught off guard at weddings and it's really hard to do, me not being invisible like and favouring my wide lens for these shots, so I have to practice being quick and sneaky. What better way to do that than with actual strangers and run the risk being punched in the face! Although in fairness, I went to an easy spot where people wouldn't really notice me.. the Eiffel tower. 

I always keep an eye on Magnum photographers current exhibition too and I found that Susan Meisales has a massive exhibition on in Jeu De Paume so that was very exciting. I spent a long time engulfed in her New York street photography, war and destruction documentary from Kurdistan and Nicaragua. For some insight into the exhibition check this out:


I did photograph typical Paris too because I was alone and I had a lot of beers! I did have a black and white strip T-shirt I almost packed but I thought it was too cheesy. Turns out loads of people in Paris actually wear black and white stripy T-shirts and jumper....ragin'! 

Enjoy my little adventure.