That time I went and photographed the world's biggest Sea RO-RO Vessel

The MV Celine, what an experience, an awesome and massive visual treat for me. Ohh the lines! The magnificent beast arrives Sunday mornings first thing, I set two alarm clocks and took one camera and one lens. (16-35mm for camera people).

As a kid every time we passed the East Link I was fascinated by the cranes, the size of the docks and all the vessels (you do not call them boats). Even as an adult passing the East Link I still look over to the left to see it all working whilst almost crashing getting into the one lane. I knew I had to photography the docks, I'd always known it. So it turns out that my Mam's cousin's wife's cousin works for DSG. I had an in. Thanks so much Alan and Fiona, I had been talking about doing this for years and Alan was super accommodating, it was all arranged over a pint. I was so excited, on the day I was like a kid in a very very large, metally, containery, liney candy shop. 

Thanks so much to DSG and to the Celine Chief for bringing me onboard to photograph it. I had a blast and was highly impressed with the skills of every crew member and DSG drivers. 

I photographed all around DSG load on load off areas too and had the best few days! I hope you enjoy the images. 

Dublin Port Press release:

MV Celine, the world’s largest short sea Ro-Ro ship, was christened in a ceremony at Dublin Port with guest of honour, An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar TD, Godmother to the new ship, Geraldine O’Reilly, and the port’s chaplains. The formal ceremony is a long-held tradition intended to bring good fortune to the ship and involves breaking a champagne bottle against the hull as the ship is christened. Full press release here: