This helpful short video will answer all your frequently asked questions including pricing, just hit play. More questioned answered below.

What are your packages?

Prices are all explained in the video above, thee are a few things to consider for example, would you like coverage until the dinner call or first dance and how big you'd like your album to be. It ranges from EUR1,400 - EUR2,450. Prices are non negotiable so that everybody gets the same. 

What is the deposit?

A deposit of EUR200 and a completed booking form are required to secure your date?

Can we meet you?

Sure, I'd love to. I have a lovely office with a great cafe at the Arts and Business campus, 40 Drumcondra Road lower. I'm always in my office editing away ad a wedding is about a weeks work I can't be away form my desk for too long especially during peak season so I can't visit people in their homes. 

How far do you travel?

Please tell me you're wedding is in Italy because I'm dying to go! I'm happy to drive up to an hour and a half to a wedding with no extra charge but any more than that and it will incur a fee for time, petrol and accommodation. It's quite unsafe for me to drive even two hours back to Dublin after a possible twelve hour day. Usually $100 for one night stay before or after wedding day or $150 if it has to be a two night stay, I'll find a local b&b. 

Can I have raw files?

What? How do you know about Raw files ;) These are super large unprocessed data files of your images and only a professional photographer can edit them to produce the finished product that you will receive. You will receive a high resolution edited jpeg sized 12 inches at 300dpi. Perfect for printing. There is a lot of work that a photographer puts into these files and thats the majority of what you're paying for. All the work is done for you by a professional that you've commissioned. 

Can you retouch?

I'm not a professional retoucher master but as a photographer I will edit the image in terms of exposure, contrast, tone, cropping and some fun vintage film tones. No body manipulations will be made.