Noelle & Khalid's Dublin City Wedding



This gorgeous pair were married at the wonderful Cliff Townhouse in Dublin on 15th July 2017. The Cliff Townhouse were/are BRILLIANT. Amazing staff and food and a real popular spot for city weddings, even the decor upstairs was perfect for the ceremony, reception, party and photos. 

We had one of those perfect weather days and we ran around Stephen's Green getting their wedding photographs all while being adored by the crowds...claps and everything!  When the wind caught Noelle's dress it was just gorgeous and the smiles and smooches from these guys made for perfect photos. What a pretty day, a stunning bride, an absolute gentleman and the sun shining on their Dublin wedding day. 

To all family and friends of Noelle and Khalid, thank you so much for welcoming me. I had a great day with you all and I hope you're happy with these memories.

Kindest regards,