Owen & Jennifer's Kippure Estate Wedding

What a pleasure it was to photograph my friends wedding...slightly tipsy....slightly. Good job I had my trusty colleague Emma Russell Photography second shooting for me!

Kippure Estate was such a dream, unassuming, beautiful views and such kind staff.  

We had decided to do a first look before the ceremony, in the mountains, in the rain. TOTES worth it. It was raining quite heavily for their images at Lough Tay but they were super cute and so happy they didn't care.  It's just about the two of them.  Jen pulled out a bag of Haribo from emm ..her dress too to give to Owen!We were heading back early because of the rain to get ready for the ceremony when it suddenly subsided and I signalled them to pull in to the side of the road  somewhere around Sally's Gap and captured some epic images. We moved on to another spot with some gorgeous trees and were blessed the rain stayed away. 

Back to the house the Ireland's best make up artist Laura Gaughran, fixed us both up! You rock!

The rest is told in imagery. You can watch the low res video here (be grand on your phone) or scroll through images below it.

For the best quality video copy the link:


Thanks a million to everyone for making my job really fun! 

Love to you all..and enjoy ...and in some cases, I'm sorry!

Barker Grange (inside joke)