Carol & Kevin's Glendalough wedding...not really!

Carol and Kevin got into their wedding day glad rags almost a year after their real wedding to do a wedding day portrait reshoot with yours truly and it was EPIC!

Carol had been waiting for this opportunity for ages and I could tell how excited she was. So much so that I called in a favour from an extremely talented photographer friend of mine, Emma Russell to come give her much more images. Two is better than one and sure this is fun for us! 

I've shot quite a few of these reshoots now for people, who for whatever reason, were not happy with their wedding photographs....(not taken by me I should add). It's such a great idea, maybe you didn't have time on your wedding day or it rained, or your visualisation of what your expected your wedding photos to look like didn't come true. Don't stay unhappy, fix it, get that dress dry cleaned and lets go! Let's go to a location that you love, maybe it's special to you and somewhere you couldn't go on your wedding day. Let's take our time and have a bit of fun, there's no reception to rush back to.

Check out these gorgeous colours and well done to Carol and Kevin for being absolute champions braving the cold! You guys rocked it and here are my fav's!!