Emma & Olly's Clonabreany House wedding

Hey guys,

Here is a selection of all my favourite shots from Emma & Oliver's Halloweeny Clonabreany. We were blessed with that gorgeous October sunshine! Well, I had to repeat some family photos as they were too squnity with that strong low sun at 3.30pm, but other than that I loved it.

But my first favourite thing on the day, and it's not always that you beat the light, was Emma's dress....holy MOLEY. I am loving these Folkster Bridal gowns that I'm meeting. Nobody expected this and I really loved photographing the beautiful detail and all around unique nature of this stunner. And on Emma, it was pEERRFect!! 

We had a lovely half an hour or so walking back up to the house and shooting all along the way, it's so easy at Clonabreany as everything was right in front of us.

This was my first time at Clonabreany and I met all the Elaine's that worked there...it was a little confusing since our name was called at multiple times of the day but these girls were such a pleasure to work with, as all Elaine's are! So thank you amazing team.

To all friends and Family, thank you for being so kind and I had a blast meeting you all. All your pictures aren't here but Emma and Olly have them. 

Thanks again for allowing me to capture these memories for you, I had a blast on your day!