Aisling & Mark's Seaside Shenanigans

So, apparently the Kiwi's can party just as hard as the Irish..they can dance too! They also love pay'll find out later!! 

Aisling and Mark were married at Newtown Castle in Co. Clare on September 19th surrounded by an intimate group of family and friends. Mark's family traveled from New Zealand to be a part of this gorgeous day and also to meet a very special little someone. Baby Sean was born three weeks before the wedding. Irish women are amazing, especially this one who 'felt great' after a good friend bought her some espresso martini's. 

This real Irish wedding was very Irish, exactly as Mark wanted. Newtown Castle was authentic, beautiful and intimate. The perfect setting for what Aisling & Mark were looking for and set in the heart of the Burren. Everybody was enjoying the views as I set up the group shot, I heard screams and laughter so I turned around and saw ...a STREAKER! That was payback as Mark had streaked at his wedding...right in front of the crowd..if only he had ran across my group photo! Well, that's a new one for me..did I capture it? Of course I did! 

With the bus packed we hit the road back to Lahinch, squeezed pasted a tractor and went for dinner in Waves restaurant. The happy couple and I snapped a quick few portraits by a gorgeous country house and then onto the beach. The newlyweds were serenades by their friends and the floor was bouncing at the afters in Flanagan's pub.

All weddings are unique and beautiful, this one was also personal, cute, simple and a lot of fun! 

Thanks for a beautiful day guys xx