Ruth & Peter's Dublin City Wedding

On the beautifully typical wet Dublin day, Ruth married her boy in Dublin City's Unitarian church and had their reception at Smock Alley Theatre, Saturday 12th December. 

We had preplanned a two hour walking photoshoot route, looking at all the locations they loved and I was super excited. However, Dublin being Dublin, it absolutely poured on all morning and into the afternoon. After the ceremony, we were about to hop into a taxi to go straight to Smock Alley, but the rain had eased off and since I was so well prepared with my camera rain gear (I could have been dropped into the Amazon for a National Geographic project with how well I was kitted out) I thought I'd give a little push and see how we got on. I had to photograph that red coat! 

One location turned into another and another and before we knew it we had pretty much covered every top spot the guys wanted...with an umbrella! It was so romantic walking around Grafton Street and it genuinely snowed for about 10 seconds! There were plenty of well wished that kept the guys pumped and even Appleby's jewellers came out to give the bride and groom a bottle of Champagne. Amazing gesture from

We finished off with a super cool rooftop photoshoot at the Clarence Hotel. Massive thanks to Ruth and Peter for being absolute troopers and braving the wind and rain for the perfect shot!

Congratulations to Ruth & Peter, it was an awesome day!